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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Community of Practice (CoP)

The task for Team B - Liz, Manjit, Penny, Gary, Sheryl and me, this week was to evaluate a Community of Practice (CoP) we chose "Classroom 2.0" - its a global network mainly for school teachers.
After signing up and looking into it,  I now see the many benefits of it.  I have always felt that I need to grow in my profession as a teacher, I need to be better supported, to have many opportunities to collaborate with other teachers and professionals.   This support network, Classroom 2.0,  will help me in that it allows collaboration among those in the teaching profession around the world, to participate in ongoing dialog with an online community to...
  • Problem solve
  • Request information
  • Seek experience
  • Discussing developments
  • Documentation of Projects
  • Mapping Knowledge and identifying gaps
To gain from this site I will need to be committed to this domain, and making time to regularly access this site, to get involved  in relevant content and discussions, replying to comments made by community members, post topics and entering in the discussion forums.

Follow the link to Team B's presentation on Classroom 2.0

Critical Success Factors in Building Community
Management Challenge
1.      Focus on topics important to the business and community members.
2.    Find a well-respected community member to coordinate the community.
3.      Make sure people have time and encouragement to participate.
4.      Build on the core values of the organization.
Community Challenge
5.      Get key thought leaders involved.
6.      Build personal relationships among community members.
7.      Develop an active passionate core group.
8.      Create forums for thinking together as well as systems for sharing information.
Technical Challenge
9.   Make it easy to contribute and access the community’s knowledge and practices.
      Personal Challenge
10. Create real dialogue about cutting edge issues.


  1. When we start on our online networking journey it opens up a whole new way of doing and communicating.
    Your critical Success factors are great and right to the point.

  2. A great post about communities of practice...thanks for sharing this.

  3. Hi Vivian
    I think your point about needing to be committed to your CoP is very valid.
    Great post.

  4. Many thanks for this Vivian. Your blog looks great!