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Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Wiki

In this blog entry I reflect in working as a team member, in team B.  Our task was to evaluate a web 2.0 tool of our choice, we decided on the "Wiki". Having little knowledge of the wiki, I was interested in learning more about it.  I found the support in the team to be strong, Liz is a great project manager, keeping the team members informed.  Gale, another member of our team,  created  a "Wiki" and inviting us to participate in playing around with whatever we wanted to contribute.  We got together as a team and raised issues via twitter, the forum, emails, the discussion area in the wiki,  Liz arranged an elluminate session for our group, to stimulating discussions.  Every person in the team were totally committed in achieving the learning target, I enjoyed being part of this team, their enthusiasm was contagious, with my colleague giving me support.
It was a new experience to work with a Wiki.  I tried various tools within the wiki, some successful and some not so successful, lack of time to look into it thoroughly , being the problem. However, I did achieve my goal which was to access the wiki,  add/delete content to the wiki and create a voice thread of my evaluation and add it to the existing voice thread in the wiki .
This e-learning experience has opened an exciting range of possibilities and opportunities for me and my students, as a result  I have planned to teach the wiki to my students next term.  I believe that we should all more involved in e-learning and initiatives that will open doors for learning, fostering exchange of knowledge and the opportunity of self-improvement.

To view our Wiki go to  http://teamb2011randc.wikispaces.com/


  1. Great blog post Vivian - concise, thoughful and easy reading. I too enjoyed the interaction between team B - wiki. I hope all the reflect and connect 2011 participants use our teamb2011randc wiki to play and explore. I look forward to having a look what evolves within it.

  2. The outcome of this group task showed us all how commited and dedicated to the task you all were. I am a fan of wiki in the classroom and see their merit. I also will enjoy watching your wiki grow.
    I love the feel of your blog keep up the good work.