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Monday, April 11, 2011

My Support Network

A reflective piece on my support network
This activity has made me  identify the various types of support networks available to me and where the gaps are.
I have always been very happy to have a strong offline support networks both personal and professional.  The connections I care most about, and love to be with, are my family, friends and my dogs.  I am lucky enough to have a great support network at work too with my colleagues, the community and resources available to me.
My online support network is good however, I need to work a little harder at: "Finding more Time" and "My turn on the computer" at home, being factors.  I have given myself a challenge and intend to investigate more web 2.0 tools regularly.  I realise that I need to contribute and nurture online support networks to keep me up to date with current developments in my field, I am a member of classroom 2.0, but need to make time and dedicate myself to a local resources as well, like ICT, ACFE, Skills Victoria, and more, for current updates in my field. 
I have made a great network of connections by participating in this course "Reflect and Connect". I will look forward to talking with participants of the course online in the future, also publicly through Twitter and classroom 2.0 and all those other networks I'm a member of through my elearning journey. I really enjoy regularly posting to my blog and reading other blogs which I will continue to do. 
In the future, to participate as a "digital citizen" and to help my learners, I will look forward to connecting and building my online support networks to grow my resources and skills.

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  1. Hi Liz...I like your poster showing your online and offline networks. Looks really cool.
    One great thing about doing professional development like this course is that we have all made some new connections for our networks.