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Friday, March 18, 2011

Reflect on "Reflect and Connect"

It's the 3rd week of the "Refect and Connect" course, (CHCORG428A Refect on and improve own professional practice). Students and teachers get together once a week in a virtual classroom via "Eluminate", through "YNH services".
Since beginning this exciting course my time has been full of activity in using technology that I had never used before. 
I accessed "Moodle", for course content, forums and information about the course. I have begun using "Mahara" to create an "Eportfolio", set up a "Blog" and update it regularly, set up a "Twitter" account, contributed to on line forums, researched "Web 2.0 tools", joined "Gmail", "Diigo" and bookmarked my favourite sites, all really interesting stuff.
There is so much fantastic electronic information out there to support students and staff to utilise the online resources, which are easily available, to improve learning, with whatever it is you want to achieve, I am now thinking of ways to use this information in my everyday teaching.
I have enjoyed every minute of it ... so far.

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