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Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I began my working career in an office as a personal assistant, back in the last century.  It was there that I found I had a knack in working with computers and was sent along to many courses to learn various new programs and applications.  I worked in an office for 10 years then I left to start my family.  When my youngest child was two, I decided to attend night school, with my husband and my family happy to help and support me in my studies, I finally completed "The Bachelor of Education".  I gained employment at the local primary school, where my children attended. I taught many specialist subjects in that time, among them was I.T., Art, Library, Italian.  I really valued the sense of achievement gained in teaching new skills to children, whatever the subject, as a result of my eagerness I was asked to organise many special events for the children as a whole school event, some of those were, Italian Day, The Art Show, The Circus, Students short film festival.
However I had always wanted to teach adults and in 2006 I finally did. I began working at Glenroy Neighbourhood Learning Centre, where I started teaching computer applications.  I am very familiar with "Microsoft Office"  and have been teaching computers for absolute beginners, the certificate 1 and 2 course in Information Technology.  I enjoy my time at "Glenroy Neighbourhood Learning Centre" very, very much, it is a collaborative learning environment, a very nurturing and wonderful place to be, I am committed to the hard working staff and to the wonderful students that attend my classes.
So my love for technology began when I started working all those years ago, as technology is constantly changing and developing at a rate that is hard to keep up with, I decided I better try and catch up with it, so here I am attending a very interesting course of e-technology called "Reflect and Connect".

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