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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cycling and e-learning

I remember that I absolutely loved cycling when I was younger, I haven't cycled for the last 30 years, at least.  We have a bike in the shed, so when the weather warmed up in December of last year, I started cycling, that was about 4 months ago.  I recall that It was so difficult when I started, all that pedaling,  I wasn't even going fast,  my heart was pumping at a million miles an hour, I had to make regular stops, to catch my breath, my legs were so sore from the muscles I hadn't used for years, going up hills was such  hard work, when I'd finally return home I would collapse in an exhausted heap. This bike had gears, I learnt how to operate them too (another challenge).  I persevered, slowly it got easier and easier, I now cycle every day and feel so much better, healthier and fitter, toned up those flabby muscles and lost a bit of weight too.
I can relate my cycling to my  e-learning journey, lots of hard work in learning new technologies, learning theories,  getting them to make sense,  then thinking of ways to incorporate them into existing educational programs, regular reflecting on what I have learnt.  There are lots of challenges in this course of "Reflect and connect", all well worth the effort, with the potential benefit for greater student learning in a ever changing technological world.  
I'm so glad that I took advantage of these fantastic opportunities that came into my life. I am happy to admit that I am now addicted to both cycling and learning about new technologies, and will keep them up as part of my lifelong ambition, as they are both so important.


  1. This is a great analogy Vivian. I am reminded of the saying quoted earlier in the course. "Everything is difficult until it becomes easy"

  2. Hi Vivian
    I cannot see a problem with this post. Its not funny looking to me.