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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Latest technology

This week was a struggle to try and balance work, the reflect and connect course, family and everything else in my busy life.  I am very interested in using technology that I have never used before, that is my goal, I never get enough time to explore it as much as I'd like to. 
This week I worked on a word document in the Google cloud, adding information as part of our assignment.  The part that I really was amazed by was that Penny was there at the same time adding her pieces of information, so we were working on the same document in real time, how exciting and amazing is that.  I have also joined a social bookmarking website, Diigo which I find very easy to use and very useful.  I try to twitter as often as I can as well. I am enjoying this course and feel I am learning so much about the latest technology, through this course, and thinking about ways to share it with my peers and students in the future.


  1. The Google collaboration would have been a remarkable experience for you Vivian

  2. I really like this blog, Vivian, you've set it up really well, right down to the 'escapist' theme of the water.

    I hope it can be a place where I can retreat to now and then, to learn from your reflections, recommendations and general wisdom.